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Answers to All Your Contracting Inquiries

Still, wondering if our services are the right choice for you? Check out the answers to some of our clients’ most common contracting questions below. We’ve tried covering a variety of topics, but if there’s still something you’d like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to hear from you.


Terms & Conditions
Acceptance of the contract and programming of the work: Acceptance of the contract and programming of
the work: We will advise you of the estimated completion date for your work. All customers are entitled to a
14 day cooling-off period following acceptance of the quotation and after this period, in the event of a
cancellation at short notice, we may charge a percentage of the quotation to cover our costs.
Standard of work. All work shall be completed in line with BS3998 ‘Recommendations for Tree Work’ where
appropriate unless agreed otherwise with the customer.
Felling trees and stump grinding. When felling trees we will take the tree down to as near to ground level as
possible dependant on the ground level and foreign objects around the base of the tree. Stump grinding can be
arranged at an additional cost. Stump grinding is normally carried out within a few days of the felling rather
than on the same day. We will call you to arrange a convenient time to undertake this work. Stump grindings
are normally used to backfill the resulting hole as they decompose rapidly. The chippings can be removed
from the site but this would incur an additional cost.
Will my neighbors be affected? Sometimes it is necessary to have access to a neighboring property,
particularly when branches overhang. It would be very helpful if you could inform them of your intention to
carry out work and the date on which it will take place.
Do I need to protect my walls or lawns? Whilst our staff will operate with care and diligence often our work
entails the carrying of large amounts of material (brushwood/ logs) over lawns and past the house. Please
make sure that vulnerable surfaces (such as white walls) are adequately protected (builders polythene is a
good method) and that fragile objects are moved (such as pots etc.). Our staff will be more than happy to
move heavier objects for elderly or disabled clients. Lawns tend to recover rapidly but very wet weather can
give rise to very muddy conditions. We are able to provide boards to protect the lawn. However, this is not a
standard procedure and may incur an additional cost.
What time will the team arrive? Most jobs are completed efficiently and on time. However, occasionally a job
will over-run or the weather will prevent us from working to time. The earliest time the team will arrive is
8.30/9.00 a.m
Insurance: All work carried out by Lovelandtreecare shall be covered by a £5,000,000 Third Party and Public
Liability Insurance for damage to a person’s property that may result in the implementation of the Contract.
General: Lovelandtreecare shall not be liable in damages or otherwise because of non-performance of a
The contract arising on account of adverse weather conditions, strikes, lock-outs, war, and civil commotion; or
lack of adequately skilled labor due to causes beyond our control. Further, we retain the right in such
circumstances to cancel the Contract in whole or in part. Completion dates shall be contingent upon weather
conditions. Twelve months after the submission of the quotation.

Feel free to contact us and learn more about our contracting services.


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